Hebrew writingCourse Requirements for the Minor in Judaic Studies

The purpose of the minor in Judaic Studies is to provide an in-depth study of topics in Judaic Studies reflecting the history, literature, and culture of the diverse experiences of the Jews throughout the world stretching back four millennia to biblical Israel.  While not required for graduation, a minor provides an option for the student who wants an academic focus in addition to a major. Unless a higher standard is noted in the description of a specific minor program, completion of a minor requires that a student earn a 2.0 grade or better in each of the required courses for that minor. The same course may be used to meet both major and minor course requirements unless specifically stated otherwise in a major or minor.

A plan of study for the minor; signed by the department or program head, director, or faculty designee; must be submitted to the Degree Audit Office during the first four weeks of the semester in which the student expects to graduate. The minor is then recorded on the student’s final transcript.

Download the Judaic Studies Minor Plan of Study Form.

Course Requirements

  • Prerequisite: HEJS 1103 – Literature and Civilization of the Jewish People. 3 credits
  • At least one year of biblical or modern Hebrew is strongly recommended
  • A total of 15 credits from 2000-level or above courses is required
  • A minimum of 6 credits in Foundational Courses (Group A) must be taken
  • A maximum of 9 credits from Topical Courses (Group B) may be taken

Group A – Foundational Courses:

HEJS 3201 – Selected Books of the Hebrew Bible. 3 credits

HEJS 3218 / CAMS 3256 / HIST 3330 – Palestine Under the Greeks and Romans. 3 credits

HEJS 3301 – Jewish Middle Ages. 3 credits

HEJS 3511 – American Jewry. 3 credits

INTD 3260 – The Bible

Group B – Topical Courses:

HEJS 2104 – Modern Jewish Thought. 3 credits

HEJS 3202 – Sections and Movements in Judaism. 3 credits

HEJS 3203 / HIST 3418 – The Holocaust. 3 credits

HEJS 3241 – Jewish Magic from Late Antiquity through the Early Modern Period. 3 credits

HEJS 3279 – Literature of Modern Israel. 3 credits

CAMS 3244 – Ancient Fictions

CAMS 3253 / HIST 3301 – Ancient Near East

HEJS 3401W – Jewish American Literature and Culture. 3 credits

HIST 3705 – The Modern Middle East from 1700 to Present. 3 credits

HIST 3712 – Middle East Crucible. 3 credits

The following courses may be substituted for Group B Courses with the approval of the student’s HEJS advisor:

HEJS 3293 – Foreign Study

HEJS 3299 – Independent Study

SPAN 3200 – Spanish Civilization to the Modern Period. 3 credits

If you have further questions, please contact our Academic Director, Professor Stuart S. Miller at stuart.miller@uconn.edu.