Double Majors and Dual Degrees

With adviser’s consent, you could use 2000+ level courses from the other major, degree, or minor as related courses for the Chinese majors, rather than taking the related courses listed in the Chinese major requirements.

Declaring your Chinese major early, whether as a dual-degree or double major student, would provide you with more timely support from the advisers, priority in course enrollment, and important information about opportunities/scholarship. You may choose to drop the major at any point if you feel you can no longer fulfill the requirements.

You may only need to take 24 credits of Chinese major courses if you double major in Chinese or have a minor in a different program. The Chinese major requires a minimum of 36 credits in courses at the 2000- level or above, including 24 credits in Chinese and 12 credits of related courses from programs other than Chinese. If you have another major or minor in addition to Chinese, some of your courses from the other major/minor could count as related courses for the Chinese major with the adviser’s consent.

Some of the Chinese major content courses are taught in English and you may take them anytime they are offered rather than waiting until you finish CHIN 1111–1114.


For CLAS students, fill out this form online to declare Chinese as a major or minor.

For students in a college other than CLAS, fill out this form to declare Chinese as an additional degree.