Anke Finger


German Studies, Media Studies, and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies


Co-Director, EUROBIZ

Director DHMS Graduate Certificate, Digital Humanities and Media Studies/UCHI

Affiliated with the Department of Digital Media and Design


Ph.D. (Comparative Literature) Brandeis University

Areas of Expertise

German and Comparative Modernism / Literature and Other Arts / Aesthetics

Media Studies / Digital Humanities

Intercultural Communication / Intercultural Literary Studies

UConn German Studies Media

Newsblog / youtube


Anke Finger is a specialist on the idea of the total artwork and debates on interart/intermedia in modernism (with a monograph, Das Gesamtkunstwerk der Moderne, 2006; and a collection of critical articles, The Aesthetics of the Total Artwork: On Borders and Fragments2011). New modernism projects focus on German Expressionism, with particular emphasis on gender (collection on Women in German Expressionism: Gender, Sexuality, Activism, due out in 2022) and on colonialism.

A co-founder and co-editor (2005-2015) of the multilingual, peer reviewed, open access journal Flusser Studies, Anke Finger’s closely related scholarship in media studies originates from her work on the Czech-Brazilian philosopher Vilém Flusser. She co-authored the 2011 Introduction to Vilém Flusser, and she is a member of the Flusser project team at Greenhouse Studios.

Comparative/interart literature and media theory also influence her work in intercultural communication. She edited Flusser’s The Freedom of the Migrant and co-edited the collection KulturConfusão: On German-Brazilian Interculturalities (2015). The Conviction Project seeks to interconnect intercultural communication and media studies and is part of the Humility and Conviction in Public Life project (2016-2019).

From 2016 to 2019 Anke Finger served as the inaugural director of the Digital Humanities and Media Studies Initiative at the Humanities Institute; she also co-founded the CTDH network.

Together with Christoph Ernst (University of Bonn), she organized a symposium on “Radical Futures” in March 20-21, 2021. All presentations are available on youtube.


New Initiative:

Decolonizing Area Studies: Towards Intercultural Citizenship and Social Justice (with Isabell Sluka and Manuela Wagner). Select presentations are available from the May 2021 Symposium.


New and recent articles:

“Somaesthetics, Gender, and the Body as Medium in Claire Goll’s Racialized Expressionism.” In Women in German Expressionism: Gender, Sexuality, Activism. University of Michigan Press, 2022.

“Design/Shape.” Understanding Flusser, Understanding Modernism. Edited by Aaron Jaffe, Michael F. Miller and Rodrigo Martini. New York: Bloomsbury, 2021.

“The Gutenberg Galaxy will be Pixelated or How to Think of Digital Scholarship as The Present. An Advisor’s Perspective.” Shaping the Digital Dissertation. Edited by Virginia Kuhn and Anke Finger. Cambridge, UK: OBP, 2021. 65-82.

“Autopoetic Processes within the Avant-Gardes: Fragmenting Authorship.” Constructions of Media Authorship. Investigating Aesthetic Practices from Early Modernity to the Digital Age. Edited by Christiane Heibach, Angela Krewani and Irene Schütze. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2020. 121-130.

New books:

Shaping the Digital Dissertation: Knowledge Production in the Arts and Humanities. Editor (with Virginia Kuhn). Cambridge, UK: Open Book Publishers, 2021.

Vilém Flusser: What If? Twenty-Two Scenarios in Search of Images. Edited, with an introduction, and translated (with Kenneth Kronenberg); with an afterword by Kenneth Goldsmith. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press, 2022. Part of Greenhouse Studios FlusserVision Project.

Women in German Expressionism: Gender, Sexuality, Activism. Editor (with Julie Shoults). Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2022.

Bias, Belief and Conviction in an Age of Fake Facts. Editor (with Manuela Wagner). London: Routledge, Research in Cultural and Media Studies series; forthcoming.

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