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Language Clubs and Extracurriculars

Chinese Language and Culture Club

Faculty Advisor:Chunsheng Yang

German Club

Grad Advisors: Britta Meredith, Mareike Geyer
President: Owen Mooney

Eurotech Club

Faculty Advisors: Friedemann Weidauer, Shane Peterson
President: Danny Ecsedy
Events = Rachel Scott and Dominique Scharildi

Upcoming Events

  1. 10/14 Al-Andalus: A Musical Journey
  2. 10/15 The Renaissance of the Renaissance: on the birth of colonialism. A talk by Prof. Giuseppe Gazzola
  3. 10/15 Chris Dowd: Irish and Pop Culture
  4. 10/17 Intermarriage and Antisemitism in the 21st Century – Bruce Phillips
  5. 10/18 The World in Classroom - Project based Learning for Cultural Understanding
  6. 10/21 Lecture: "De las prolongaciones de lo humano: artefactos culturales y protocolos alternativos de la experiencia", by Luis Miguel Isava.
  7. 10/25 Without Magic or Miracle: The 'Romance of Silence' and the Prehistory of Genderqueerness
  8. 10/29 America’s Efforts to Save the Jews of Europe – Talk by Rebecca Erbelding
  9. 11/6 Department Meeting
  10. 11/7 Atina Grossmann on German Jewish Refugees in Iran and India

French Club

President: Nazli Morel (nazli.morel@uconn.edu)

Rencontres françaises au Benton

Wednesdays at 4:00 PM at the Beanery Café at the Benton Museum
Host: Jonathan Bassette (Jonthan.Bassette@uconn.edu)

Spanish Club

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UCONNSpanishClub/
Grad Advisor: Jesús Semedo Rodriguez (Spanish Resource Center)