Daniel Hershenzon Awarded Fellowship at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies

The Department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages is very proud to announce that Daniel Hershenzon has been awarded a fellowship at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies for the academic year 2019-2020. This is one of the most prestigious fellowships in North America.   Professor Hershenzon joined UConn in 2012 after having received his Ph.D. […]

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The Practical Side: Equipping Graduate Students for Jobs

The Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages welcomes a mix of Masters and Ph.D. students in German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Comparative Literature (which includes a Chinese Studies Program). Graduate students in programs in the humanities are well aware that the employment landscape has shifted decisively in the past twenty to thirty years. This said, […]

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LCL Professor Shines Light on Massacre of Herero and Nama People

Katharina von Hammerstein, Professor of German Studies, and a member of UConn’s Human Rights Institute was interviewed by Courthouse News about a lawsuit being pursued at the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York against Germany. The lawsuit concerns the massacres of the Herero and Nama people in what is today Namibia (Africa) by German troops between 1904-1908. […]

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Spotlight: Jacqueline Loss

Dr. Jacqueline Loss, professor of Latin American Literary and Culture Students and the Director of Graduate Studies at LCL, is an internationally published researcher and educator. She is the author of two books, numerous articles and book chapters and is the coeditor of one collection of essays and another anthology of short stories. Her primary […]

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Upcoming Events

  1. 10/18 The World in Classroom - Project based Learning for Cultural Understanding
  2. 10/21 Lecture: "De las prolongaciones de lo humano: artefactos culturales y protocolos alternativos de la experiencia", by Luis Miguel Isava.
  3. 10/25 Without Magic or Miracle: The 'Romance of Silence' and the Prehistory of Genderqueerness
  4. 10/29 America’s Efforts to Save the Jews of Europe – Talk by Rebecca Erbelding
  5. 11/6 Department Meeting
  6. 11/7 Atina Grossmann on German Jewish Refugees in Iran and India
  7. 12/4 Departmental Meeting
  8. 2/5 Departmental Meeting
  9. 2/26 Humanities Fellow Research Talk: Andrea Celli
  10. 3/4 Departmental Meeting

Spotlight: Simone Puleo

Simone Maria Puleo is a PhD candidate in the Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies section of LCL. He is a native of Palermo, Sicily and moved to the United States when his parents decided to relocate their pastry business, living briefly in New York and Connecticut before settling in South Florida. Before coming to UConn […]

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