To complete the B.A. in Chinese, students must meet the minimum graduation requirements for UConn, including completion of 120 credits, 36 of which must be numbers 2000 or above, including 24 credits in Chinese and 12 credits of related courses from programs other than Chinese; completion of the CLAS general education and concentration requirements; a minimum of 12 major credits must consist consists of Chinese courses taken in residence; completion of major requirements; and earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 and 2.0 in the courses presented in satisfaction of the major requirements. Only 6 may be transfer credits. AP credits may not be used toward the major.

Please note that at least twelve courses from the following must be completed.

A. Four languages courses from the following:

  • CHIN 3210: Chinese Composition and Conversation I
  • CHIN 3211: Chinese Composition and Conversation II
  • CHIN 3220: Business Chinese
  • CHIN 3240: Contemporary Chinese Film
  • CHIN 3250W: Advanced Chinese
  • CHIN 3260: Contemporary Chinese Culture

B. Four content courses from the following:

  • CHIN 3220: Business Chinese
  • CHIN 3230: Language & Identity in Greater China
  • CHIN 3250W: Advanced Chinese
  • CHIN 3260: Contemporary Chinese Culture
  • CHIN 3270: Chinese Film
  • CHIN 3271: Topics in Chinese Literature
  • CHIN 3282: Women in Chinese Literature and Film

C. Four related courses from the following:

  • HIST 3822: Modern China
  • HIST 3832: Modern Japan
  • HIST 3863: War and Diplomacy in East Asia
  • HIST/AASI 3808: East Asia to the Mid-Nineteenth Century
  • HIST/AASI 3809: East Asia since the Mid-Nineteenth Century
  • POLS 3245: Chinese Government and Politics
  • PHIL 3264: Classical Chinese philosophy and Culture
  • AASI 3201: Introduction to Asian American Studies
  • AASI 3220: Asian American Art and Visual Culture
  • AASI 3221: Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women
  • AASI/ENGL 3212: Asian American Literature
  • SOCI 2827: Revolutionary Social Movements around the World
  • DRAM 2131: History of Drama II
  • Any other related courses from programs other than Chinese, with the advisor’s consent

Enrollment in a study abroad program in a Chinese-speaking country is required for all Chinese majors. With advisor’s consent, any of the above courses may be replaced by an appropriate study abroad course. Up to 12 credits taken in study abroad programs may count toward the major. Students can enroll in either UConn-sponsored or non-UConn-sponsored programs. In either case, students must consult with the advisor to determine which courses will receive credits.

To satisfy the Information Literacy Competency and Writing in the major requirements, all students must take CHIN 3250W.