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IMac on Desk

Computer Workstations

24 iMac Stations

Teaching Lab

Teacher Station

Internet Workstation

International Workstations

3 International DVD/VCR Workstations

Data Projector

Overhead & Slide Projectors

1 Overhead Transparency Projectors

1 Slide Projectors

1 Portable Data Projector

optical drive for DVD
Optical drive for DVD

MacBook with Word only
MacBook with Word only

MacBook with region 2 DVD
MacBook with region 2 DVD

MacBook with region 1 DVD
MacBook with region 2 DVD

video camera
Video camera


portable USB mini speaker
Portable USB mini speaker

overhead projector
Overhead projector


headphones with microphone
Headphones with microphone

headphones (without microphone)
Headphones without microphone

Dell laptop
Dell laptop

data projector
Data projector

computer camera
Computer camera

CD/MP3 Tape Player
CD/MP3 Tape Player