The Minor


Even if you cannot major in French, a minor in the discipline will be a strong asset for those who seek careers in international business (including marketing, finance, law), translation, education, diplomacy, just to name a few. Our minor includes a variety of courses that will help you develop solid language skills, learn about the French and francophone world, and enjoy the personal satisfaction of speaking French!


Please download the plan of study for the French Minor by following this link.

Study Abroad with UConn’s Paris Program

Study abroad is highly recommended, and students in Paris may earn up to 9 credits towards the French Minor. Any of the Minor courses may be replaced by an appropriate FREN 3293 from Paris or Toulouse.

Declaring a minor

After meeting with a French advisor, minors can be declared electronically at the following website:  They are entered by CLAS and once on a student’s record, confirmation email will be sent.  From there, a student would submit a final plan of study just like their major.  Directions on how to submit electronic plans of study can be found at this student plan of study link.

for more information on Study Abroad, please contact Professor Valerie Saugera