LCL offers the full sequence of language instruction in Irish (Gaelic): Elementary levels I and II and Intermediate levels I and II. Irish language courses are offered in alternate semesters, so students can complete the four-semester sequence in two years. Elementary I (IRIS 1101) and Intermediate I (IRIS 1103) are offered every fall and Elementary II (IRIS 1102) and Intermediate II (IRIS 1104) are offered every spring. Students can complete the University Foreign Language requirement by taking these Irish language courses. For more information, please contact Brendan Kane (

Opportunities to engage the Irish-language extend beyond the classroom. There is an occasional reading group, open to all comers, and an undergraduate Irish-language organization, “An Cumann Gaelach,” follow link here. Additionally, UConn is the center of a collaborative project to assist people learning and researching Early Modern Irish, the language as it was written c. 1200-1650: Lé More broadly, there is a lively graduate-student/faculty organization dedicated to engaged scholarship in Irish letters and culture, “The Irish Studies Alliance” (contact Mollie Kervick at

A variety of Study Abroad opportunities are also available in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For more information follow this link to the Office of Global Affairs.