American Sign Language

In addition to the regular major and minor programs, LCL offers a language instruction program in American Sign Language. We are currently offering the full sequence of language instruction in ASL: Elementary levels I and II and Intermediate levels I and II. ASL language courses are offered in alternate semesters, so students can complete the four-semester sequence in two years. Elementary I (ASLN 1101) and Intermediate I (ASLN 1103) are offered every fall and Elementary II (ASLN 1102) and Intermediate II (ASLN 1104) are offered every spring and some courses are also available during the summer.  Students can also minor or major in Deaf Studies.  The four-course sequence of elementary ASL can be used to complete the University Foreign Language requirement. For more information, please follow this link to the American Sign Language Studies site or this link to the ASL Course Catalogue.