Upcoming Symposium: The Translation of Letters and Ideas in Cuba’s Republic

This symposium brings together important scholars in the area of Cuban studies to analyze the Cuban period between 1902 and 1959. The presentations will investigate translations and the exercise of translation in relation to the formation of various humanistic or scientific disciplines on the island, such as anthropology, medicine, political science, literature, and psychoanalysis. The symposium will allow, on the one hand, to expand critical studies on translation in Cuba, and on the other, to implement the concept of translation as a vehicle to investigate the racial, gender, or post-colonial constructions put into practice in the Republican period.

Organized by Jacqueline Loss, Professor, Literatures, Cultures & Languages and Reynaldo Lastre, PhD Student and Jorgensen Fellowship Recipient

March 2-March 5, 2021

Co-sponsored by:
Department of Literatures, Cultures & Languages
Humanities Institute
El Instituto Seed Grant
John N. Plank Lecture Series
Global Affairs

Registration is obligatory. To obtain program information and conference links please visit us at: https://s.uconn.edu/ogx7qvfhpj.