Upcoming Events in the Decolonizing Area Studies Language Teaching Project

Last summer, LCL’s Professors Anke Finger, Professor and Manuela Wagner along with Graduate Student Isabell Sluka won a grant in an initiative sponsored by CLAS in order to develop anti-racist courses, to enable insights into racism on college campuses, and to facilitate direct interaction with anti-racist activists.

The focus of the grant, called Decolonizing Area Studies: Towards Intercultural Citizenship and Social Justice was to de-center whiteness in language education and help uncover the oppression that minoritized students often suffer and that dominant groups perpetuate. This project involves different complementary activities and was designed to solicit participation by active language teachers, including graduate students through a series of lectures, a symposium, and a graduate student working group. The participant-driven project aimed to develop a plan for implementing theories, approaches, practices, and assessments that would help decolonize language curricula by taking a hands-on approach.  The organizers hoped that students and faculty could work towards actually implementing new curricula and developing learning materials and teaching methods that truly reflect the diversity and cultural variety of modern-day societies.

Upcoming Events

March 16, 2021, 4:00 pm-5:30 pm.

Double Lecture with Q&A

    • Nicole Coleman, Assistant Professor of German, Wayne State University

“‘We are all more alike than not’: Moving Beyond Universalism for Anti-Racist Pedagogies in the Literature Classroom”

    • José Aldemar Álvarez Valencia, Professor, School of Language Sciences Universidad del Valle, Cali (Colombia)

“‘Doing Research with University Indigenous Students: From ‘rationalizing the decolonial to feeling the decolonial’”

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COMING In May 2021.  Two-Day symposium

More information about this even coming soon!



For more information about the Decolonizing Area Studies initiatives, please visit https://sites.google.com/view/decolonizeareasstudies/home?authuser=0.

Read the whole article on the CLAS Anti-Racism pedagogy grant project in UConn Today at https://today.uconn.edu/2020/09/new-clas-programs-support-anti-racist-teaching-research-community-engagement/#.