Course Offerings for the Graduate Certificate in Literary Translation


The Graduate Certificate in Literary Translation requires a total of 12 credits, consisting of three core course and one elective course at the 5000/6000 level. Two courses are offered in the fall and two in the spring, allowing students to complete the certificate in two semesters. (See FAQ for more information.) To qualify for the certificate, students must complete the four courses within a maximum of three years. Students can enroll in this Certificate Program in either the fall or the spring semester.

Required Courses



TRST 5310. The Practice and Theory of Literary Translation

Three credits. Prerequisite: Six credits of upper division coursework (3000-level or higher) in a foreign language (or the equivalent).


TRST 5311. Literary Translation Seminar 

Three credits. Translating literature and studying the practical aspects of the craft of literary translation.


TRST 5320.  Literary Translation Portfolio Seminar

Three credits. Translation of literature of any genre or period into English, working toward a final publishable text. Includes preparation of a conference-length paper related to translation theory or practice. Prerequisite: This course should be taken after TRST 5310 and TRST 5311.

Elective Courses


One elective course at the 5000/6000-level must be chosen from the graduate courses in one of the foreign language literatures offered by the department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages, or one of the Creative Writing or Literature courses offered by the English Department. Students interested in choosing an elective course from any other gradate departments at the University of Connecticut should contact the Director of the Program in Literary Translation, Peter Constantine at


Examples of possible Elective Courses:


CAMS 5301 Special Topics in Latin Literature

ENGL 5530 World Literature

ENGL 6600 Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry

FREN 5311 Aesthetic Trends in Twentieth-Century French Literature

GERM 5385 German Literary Criticism and Theory

ILCS 5315. Introduction to Contemporary Literary Studies

SPAN 5335 The Theatre in Spanish America