Graduate Certificate in Literary Translation


The Graduate Certificate in Literary Translation offers graduate students and post-baccalaureate students the opportunity to develop a competence in the translation of various genres of literature, as well as a broad understanding of translation theory. The Certificate has been established by the University of Connecticut as a university-wide program to encourage interdisciplinary training in Literary Translation.


A Certificate in Literary Translation at the graduate level can lead to a range of language-focused careers. Translators with backgrounds in every aspect of the humanities have become crucial in the global job market, with a wider range of career opportunities than ever before opening up for graduate students who have intercultural training. As the MLA’s Executive Council has stated, “more and more academics are therefore undertaking translation as a component of their professional activity and as a natural extension of their teaching. Whether they translate literary or scholarly works or other cultural documents, they are engaging in an exacting practice, at once critical and creative, that demands lexical precision.” The purpose of a the Certificate in Literary Translation is to prepare a new generation of scholars and specialists for this task, and to offer a supplementary qualification for master’s and doctoral degrees in all disciplines.


The Graduate Certificate in Literary Translation requires a total of 12 credits, consisting of three core courses and one elective course at the 5000/6000 level. Two courses are offered in the fall and two in the spring, allowing students to complete the certificate in two semesters. (See FAQ for more information.) To qualify for the certificate, students must complete the four courses within a maximum of three years. Students can enroll in this Certificate Program in either the fall or the spring semester.


For more information, please contact Peter Constantine, Director of the Program of Literary Translation:





Quick Facts

Location Storrs
Length Four courses
Semesters Fall and Spring




Average time to completion

In person, Part-time/Full-Time



One Year