LCL Professor Shines Light on Massacre of Herero and Nama People

Katharina von Hammerstein, Professor of German Studies, and a member of UConn’s Human Rights Institute was interviewed by Courthouse News about a lawsuit being pursued at the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York against Germany. The lawsuit concerns the massacres of the Herero and Nama people in what is today Namibia (Africa) by German troops between 1904-1908. This less-known genocide was the first genocide of the twentieth century.


Documenting the treatment of the Herero people at the hands of German colonists has been a focus of Professor von Hammerstein’s research for the past several years. She has published on testimonies surrounding the Herero genocide by survivors and the statements of the descendants of victims as well as on sources documenting the views of German colonists describing these same events.


We are providing a link to the fascinating story about the role of U.S. Courts in mediating claims for reparations here: