Spanish Studies

Spanish buildingWithin the Department’s goal of teaching you about the values and cultural patterns of other peoples, the Spanish section represents peoples who are deeply rooted in most of the Western Hemisphere, including large areas of the United States. Therefore, to understand and to communicate in Spanish will make it possible for you to deal effectively with a major part of your own world. Equally significant is the fact that your understanding of a cultural pattern and mode of thinking different from your own will contribute substantially to your social awareness and intellectual growth.

If you are thinking of a future career in some international area of government or business, a good knowledge of the Spanish language and cultures will be a great asset for you. The fact that the U.S. government and most major American firms have constant relations with Mexico, Central and South America, Spain and Africa, makes it imperative for them to have in their ranks people who can communicate effectively with these countries in their native language. If you are more oriented to a career in areas of human and social services (state and federal social agencies, most of the health fields, education), a good command of both Spanish and Portuguese will be an important advantage for you. A third important area of professional preparation is teaching right now our state and many others face a real challenge in preparing the best teachers of Spanish for the multi-cultural world of tomorrow.