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Regardless of the specialization of the student – many participants have been majors, minors, or double-majors in e.g., English, Art History, Business, or one of the Social Sciences – the year abroad has always been the highlight of his or her college experience. Studying abroad in France or in a Francophone country is now required of all French majors. They may choose to spend a semester or a full year in our program in Paris, a summer in Toulouse, and/or a winter break in Martinique.


In our Paris program, students begin with two months of intensive preparation in language and culture at the Sorbonne, while they become familiar with French life and institutions. They then attend regular classes with French students at the Parisian University of their choice or can take courses in a less French-intensive core program. Whatever their choice, all students in the Paris program are exposed to a broad range of cultural experiences, including several overnight excursions to regions of France as well as an extended trip at the end of the academic year. Recent trips have taken students to Coatia, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Senegal, and the South of France.Students receive full UConn credit for all courses taken in Paris.

For further information contact: Professor Valérie Saugera ( for the academic year 2014–2015.

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In our Toulouse summer program, students spend 4 weeks in full immersion in the beautiful and sunny South of France. They live with French families in downtown Toulouse, take language and culture classes in the morning, have planned cultural activities in the afternoon (museum visits, visit of the space park, tour of the city, bike rides by the river, cruises on the river, cooking classes, etc) and in the evening (concerts and shows), go on excursions on weekends (medieval city of Carcassonne, or a day at the beach, or a hiking trip in the nearby Pyrénées mountains, etc), and spend a four-day weekend in Paris. Through the program the students earn 6–7 UConn credits. The program can accommodate students at all levels of French, from zero/beginning-French to intermediate language courses and advanced courses in translation and literature. In Toulouse, we also offer our very popular French culture class, taught in English and French by the UConn professor directing the program.

You may contact Professor Emmanuel Buzay ( or Professor Eliane Dalmolin (


UConn in Martinique is a new winter intersession study abroad program that will give students an interdisciplinary introduction to the Caribbean, and the French Caribbean in particular, while based on the beautiful island of Martinique.


Please contact Professor Roger Célestin for further information (

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