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Puerto Rican Author Mayra Santos Febres Returns to UConn

The renowned Puerto Rican author, poet, and professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayra Santos Febres returned to UConn on March 11 to give a talk in Spanish for undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty. Santos Febres is the author of many celebrated novels, including many she discussed in her talk: Sirena Selena vestida de […]

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Reading/Rethinking Refugees with Sebastian Wogenstein

Sebastian Wogenstein, professor of German and Comparative Literature, presented the fourth of this year’s LCL colloquia series lectures in a talk entitled Reading/Rethinking Refugees. He began with a breakdown of the numbers of current worldwide refugees to illuminate why the issue is such a pressing one. Wogenstein referred to the refugee crisis as “one of […]

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LCL Professors Peter Constantine and Jacqueline Loss and PhD student Charles Lebel conducted the workshop on April 13th about translation and the job market organized by LANGSA. First, Professor Constantine reflected on the role of translation within the academia today and pointed to a paradigm shift that took place in 2009. Until then, translation was […]

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Professor Nan Meng Joins Chinese Program

Nan Meng joined the LCL’s Chinese section as Assistant Professor in Residence last Fall, after having studied and worked in four other universities in the US. Professor Meng received her B.A. in English Language and Literature at Shandong University, her hometown in northeastern China. She moved to the US to do her M.A. in Teaching […]

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Graduate Feature: Meet William Stark

William Stark, a Ph.D. candidate in the Spanish Studies section, has come a long way from his native Colorado to pursue research in contemporary Chicano and Latino performance art and cultural production. The fourth year student is writing his dissertation on transcultural performance by Latino and Chicano performance artists in the United States and Mexico. […]

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