Elementary Courses

  • Hindi
  • Korean
  • Modern Greek
  • Modern Irish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

Intermediate Courses

  • Modern Greek
  • Modern Irish

Fall 2014 Class Schedule

Last Updated: 8/20/2014

Class Days Times Location
CRLP 1101-007
(Russian 1101)
Th 9:00–11:00am GENT 232
CRLP 1101-014
(Modern Irish 1101)
MoWeFr 12:20–1:10pm BOUS 105
CRLP 1102-014
(Modern Irish 1102)
MoWeFr 10:10–11:00am OAK 401
CRLP 1104-014
(Modern Irish 1104)
MoWeFr 2:30–3:20pm OAK 201
Korean 1101 Tu 4:45–6:45pm OAK 401
Modern Greek 1101 MoWeFr 3:00–4:00pm Paideia Center*
Modern Greek 1103 MoWeFr 1:25–2:15pm Paideia Center*

*Paideia Center: 28 Dog Lane (south of campus)

First Meetings for More Courses in the Critical Languages Program

Hindi: Tue 8/26 — 10–11am in Oak Hall 236
CRLP 1101-015 (Portuguese): Wed 8/27 — 2–3pm in Oak Hall 236
The day and time of the Portuguese and Hindi courses will be decided according to everyone’s availability, during the first week of class.

For more information and permission numbers, please contact Pr. Florence Marsal, Director of the Critical Languages Program: