arabic teapotsArabic is the main form of expression of 200 million people. It is spoken in 22 countries, including Palestine, and was adopted by the United Nations as one of its six official languages in 1974. Arabic is also the language of the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, and plays a significant role in the spiritual lives of many Muslims from across the world.

Through the study of Arabic language and culture, students gain valuable insights into the diverse cultures of the Arab world and an appreciation of some of the world’s greatest and oldest civilizations.

Proficiency in Arabic language complements students’ interests in Middle Eastern, Religious, and Area Studies. Familiarity with the language can also lead to exciting careers in a number of fields, including International Business and Finance, Art and Archeology, Journalism, Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, and more.

The Department of Literatures, Cultures & Languages offers a four-semester sequence of Arabic language. Language courses are designed to develop students’ ability to communicate orally and in writing in Modern Standard Arabic.

Language Courses:
ARAB 1111: Elementary I
ARAB 1112: Elementary II
ARAB 1113: Intermediate I
ARAB 1114: Intermediate II

The Department also offers literature and culture courses taught in English. These courses introduce students to the diverse cultures of the Arabic-speaking world by surveying institutions and social customs through a variety of mediums, including film and literature.

English Culture and Literature Courses:
ARAB 1121: Traditional Arabic Literatures, Cultures, and Civilizations
ARAB 1122: Modern Arabic Culture
ARAB 2751: Arabic Folk Tales and Mirrors for Princes
ARAB 3550W. Classical Arabic Literature
ARAB 3751. Al-Andalus: Music, Literature, and Science in Muslim Spain
ARAB 3771. Cinema in the Middle East and North Africa
ARAB 3772. Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims

The Department also offers two culture courses taught in English in Arabic and Islamic Studies program.

English Arabic and Islamic Studies
ARIS 1211:  Introduction to Islam
ARIS 2200: Arabic Cinema

Additional Courses in Arabic or in a combination of Arabic and English:
ARAB 2170: Levantine Arabic
ARAB 3102: Media Arabic
ARAB 3212. Arabic Composition and Conversation
ARIS 3000: Classical Arabic (study of texts from the Koran)
ARAB 3551: Arabic Travel Narratives
ARAB 3559: Arabic Poetry and Poetics
ARAB 3570: Modern Arabic Literature
ARAB 3293: Foreign Study

ARAB 3298: Special Topic. Credits and hours by arrangement. With a change of content, may be repeated for credits.
ARAB 3299: Independent Study. Open only with consent of Instructor. With a change of content, may be repeated for credits.

Students interested in pursuing the study of Arabic language and culture should contact the main office of Literatures, Cultures & Languages or send an e-mail to:

Maha Darawsha: or Nicola Carpentieri:

For more information about the major in Arabic and Islamic Studies, please download this worksheet.