Month: January 2016

Prof. Jacqueline Loss, the new editor of Translation Magic

Jacqueline LossProfessor Jacqueline Loss of LCL’s Spanish section has recently become the editor of Translation Magic, a section within the webzine Cuba Counterpoints, launched in May of this year.  In it, she asserts her desire “to address what translation means for a ‘besieged island,’ as a mode of severing the effects of the U.S. embargo on knowledge and to explore the transforming task of the translator with regard to the island’s ‘opening,’ or the U.S.’s opening to Cuba.” “Honest reckoning with knowledge,” Professor Loss states, “entails discomfort, misunderstanding, and even a few ‘dislikes.’” Since the first entry, she has welcomed the contributions of translators, including Kristin Dykstra, Anna Kushner, and Dick Cluster, along with the writer Osdany Morales, who have spoken to her about all sorts of topics, from the poetic persistence of Trotsky’s assassin to Pete Seeger’s “Guantanamera” to the impossible to translate language of “security.” Check out these links for more information on Translation Magic and Cuba Counterpoints.