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GraduateOverview of Graduate Studies in German Studies

Graduate courses in German Studies

Preparing for the profession:

In an atmosphere of open-minded scholarly inquisitiveness, mutual respect and supportive collaboration between faculty and graduate students, the Ph.D. students gather valuable experience in the profession and build a broad curriculum vitae that allows them to confidently enter the job market inside and outside of academia.

Ph.D. students find opportunities to gain teaching experience in a variety of college-level courses, attain insight into the workings of and contribute to one of the most successful undergraduate German Studies programs in the United States, are encouraged to and supported in giving scholarly presentations at national and international conferences and to submit publications to national and international venues.

For the Ph.D., candidates select plans of study based on their special interest and scholarly focus. At least eight courses beyond the MA are required (usually four semesters/two years), after which candidates take exams in their areas of interest, and then write the dissertation for approx. three years. The program usually takes a total of ten semesters/five years including teaching experience and scholarly development. Supported by faculty advisors, Ph.D. students compose their individualized plan of study designed to inform their dissertation and career.

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