The Graduate Program in German Studies offers seminars in German literature, culture, film and linguistics leading to the degrees of M.A. or Ph.D.. Interdisciplinary studies in Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Media Studies, Women’s Studies (WS Certificate), and Human Rights (HR Certificate), among others, are available in cooperation with other sections and departments. The graduate program strongly supports an interdisciplinary, intercultural, and transnational approach to German Literary and Cultural Studies, including: trans-disciplinary literary and cultural theory; “interkulturelle Germanistik”; literature and other arts; historical, anthropological, philosophical or other theoretical inquiries into literary studies; and applied linguistics. Additional expertise: Black-German Studies, Gender Studies, Film and Media Studies, Digital Humanities, Human Rights Studies, German-Jewish Studies, Literature/Culture and Philosophy, Interarts Studies, and Intercultural Competence. Admission is competitive, and qualifying graduate students are financially supported by teaching or research assistantships.

The expertise of our literary and cultural studies faculty covers the entire modern spectrum from German Classicism and Romanticism via Modernism and Holocaust Studies to East/West German literature and film, “Gegenwartsliteratur” by German-speaking authors of different national and cultural backgrounds, and literature and digital media. In general, faculty members are experts in particular theories and periods, beginning with the 18th century, but all have subfields and venture into interdisciplinary territory. Students also gain in-depth insights in the methodology of teaching foreign languages. Most importantly, every faculty member is eager to explore new and innovative questions together with graduate students!

Our recent graduates are employed in a multitude of sectors, including academic positions (at Wayne State University, Swarthmore College, University of Denver, University of Connecticut), as well as building business and translation careers and working in internationally oriented administrative positions.


Diverse areas of expertise of German Studies faculty


Optional Graduate Certificates in addition to the degree in German Studies

Many graduate students opt to complete additional graduate certificates, among others:

  • Human Rights Graduate Certificate
  • Certificate in “Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies” in our Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies program
  • „Graduate Education Certificate“
  • „Cognitive Science Certificate“
  • „Digital Humanities and Media Studies Certificate“ (in progress)

Students apply to Graduate Certificate programs at the University of Connecticut Graduate School.

Graduate Assistantship:
Qualifying graduate students are financially supported as teaching, administrative and/or research assistants. The Graduate Program in German Studies is linked to a rigorous undergraduate language and pedagogy program. All instructors – faculty and teaching assistants – participate in an integrated approach to cultural and linguistic inquiry, and all are involved in the articulation of the entire Curriculum. Teaching assistants are introduced to language teaching research and methodologies with particular emphasis on teaching towards intercultural and linguistic competencies, beginning with elementary German language and culture classes. Their creative work in the classroom is of great value to the entire German Studies program.

The German section at the University of Connecticut is nationally known for its innovative undergraduate curriculum, including interdisciplinary programs such as Eurotech (leading to a undergraduate dual degree, B.A. in German and B.S. in Engineering).


The GRE exam is not required but welcome.

International Students must send results of the TOEFL test with their electronic applications. Required are: TOEFL speaking score of 20-23, preferably 28; alternatively IELTS with a speaking band score of at least 7, if need be 6.5, preferably 7.5 or higher, and an overall IELTS score of 6.5 (see International Teaching Assistant Service). The code for the University of Connecticut ist: 3915.


Graduate Handbook

Applicants for the M.A. and Ph.D. programs find valuable information in the Graduate Handbook of the Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages.



Send your application — for both admission to the graduate program and a graduate assistantship — to Graduate Admissions along with your fee payment, completed forms, cover letter, your degree(s), transcripts, TOEFL or IELTS scores, recommendations, short German and English samples of your written work, etc.



All potential applicants are encouraged to inquire about the graduate program with the Director of the German Studies Graduate Program, Prof. Katharina von Hammerstein:

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