Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantships (please apply by January 10th or July 20th)

A full-time graduate assistant in the German Studies Graduate Program teaches two courses, a half-time graduate assistant teaches one course of beginning or intermediate German or performs various services crucial to the department. Language courses meet 4 hours per week. A full Graduate Assistantship amounts to approx. $22,000-23.000 at the M.A. level, at the Ph.D.-level to approx. $23,000-24,000, and at the ABD (all but dissertation) level to approx. $26,000 (these numbers usually increase each year). Pre-doctoral fellowships are also available on a competitive basis.

Tuition of approximately $34,000 for fulltime graduate studies is waived for graduate students who are awarded half or full graduate assistantships, are registered as fulltime students (6 credits or more) and maintain a 3.0 grade point average or better. Both half and full teaching assistants may purchase excellent health-care coverage. Applications involving financial aid (graduate assistantships) should be submitted by January 10 for the following fall semester beginning in late August and by July 20 for the following spring semester beginning in mid-January. Mandatory orientations for international students begin in the middle of August.

We support M.A. students in good academic standing up to four semesters, and Ph.D. students in good academic standing up to ten semesters.


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