CAMS Major

Classic artworkCourses in the 1101-1105 series are taught entirely in English. In the Greek, Latin, and Biblical Hebrew courses, our focus, unlike that of modern language sections, is almost entirely on reading the language. All classes are conducted in English.

Prospective majors will find that each semester only one course is offered in 200-level Greek and one in 200-level Latin. The courses are rotated on three- and four-year schedules, respectively, to ensure that the student does not encounter the same course twice.

Classics, the original “area study”, has recently been expanded at UConn to include the Mediterranean, the Near Eastern, and the Biblical worlds. The newly redesigned major and minor in “Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies” covers all aspects of the ancient world, not only the languages and literatures (including Biblical Hebrew), with which our section is primarily concerned, but also history, philosophy, art, archeology, etc. Accordingly, several courses in other departments have been approved for cross-listing under Classics and may be counted toward the major in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies. These are:

Classics 3243 World of Late Antiquity ( = History 3340)
Classics 3244 Ancient Fictions
Classics 3251 Greek Art ( = Art History 3140)
Classics 3252 Roman Art ( = Art History 3150)
Classics 3253 The Ancient Near East ( = History 3301)
Classics 3254 Ancient Greece ( = History 3320)
Classics 3255 Ancient Rome ( = History 3325)
Classics 3256 Palestine Under the Greeks and Romans ( = History 3330, Hebrew 3218, or Judaic Studies 3218)
Classics 3257 Ancient Philosophy ( = Philosophy 2221)
Hebrew / Judaic Studies 3201 Selected Books of the Hebrew Bible
Interdepartmental 3260 The Bible
Interdepartmental 3222-05 LTL: Introduction to Biblical Languages