Faculty Calendar

Major institutional dates to keep in mind:


  • Graduate orientation, Wed/Th/Fr prior to beginning of classes
  • Departmental picnic, Friday prior to first week of classes
  • Friday prior to first week of classes: PTR dossiers due to Patti (the basic form has to be completed even for first year tenure-track faculty)


  • Friday, September 17, Spring schedule due (classroom requests must also be
  • submitted)
  • Sunday, September 18, Open House –third Sunday of the month
  • Monday September 19, Last day to submit Incomplete or Absence grades
  • September 28, Deadline ACLS Collaborative Research Application
  • September 28, Deadline ACLS Fellowship Application


  • October 11, Fulbright application deadline
  • October 19, major fair Rome Ballroom 4:00-6:00
  • Open House-third or fourth Sunday of the month
  • Book Orders (end of third week of October, typically the Friday before registration opens)
  • 24 October Undergraduate Registration opens for Spring semester


  • November 2 Deadline ACLS African Humanities Program
  • November 9 Deadline ACLS Comparative Chinese Cultures Program
  • November 11, LANGSA conference
  • Friday prior to Thanksgiving Dean convey results of TPR cases reviewed by Dean’s Advisory Council


  • December 7, NEH Collaborative Research Grant deadline
  • Friday December 9, final day of fall classes
  • Wednesday December 21, final grades due


  • January 11, NEH digital humanities and media project grant request deadline
  • January 15, Deadline for UCHI fellowship applications
  • January 25, Deadline ACLS Digital Humanities Extension Application
  • January 15, Deadline for graduate applications to Storrs to be competitive for fellowships
  • Mid January to Mid February. Section/departmental nomination letters due for UConn-sponsored graduate fellowships: Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Giolas-Harriott Fellowship Program; Vice Provost for Graduate Education Crandall-Cordero Fellowship Program; Outstanding Scholars Program.


  • February 1, Graduate applications due to be eligible for fellowship consideration
  • Review of graduate applications
  • February 24, Fall schedule officially submitted (classroom requests must also be submitted at this time)


  • Book Orders (end of third week of March, typically the Friday before registration opens)
  • 20 March, Undergraduate Registration opens for Fall semester


  • Order gowns for commencement ceremonies
  • April 15 national graduate student acceptance deadline
  • Merit report due, third week in April
  • Board of Trustees and approve T&P officially
  • April 20, Graduate Award Ceremony and departmental party
  • April 21: Last day to defend a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation for conferral of Spring 2016 degree
  • April 26 Deadline NEH Individual Fellowship Application
  • April 28, Undergraduate Ceremony


  • End of first week of May — — Commencement weekend
  • Second Week in May– – Provost’s Report due
  • Deadline for Diversity and Equity Training online
  • May 9, deadline for submitting final grades