Language play: Transformation through language and creativity

banciu-2The award-winning novelist and lecturer Carmen-Francesca Banciu spoke on September 22nd about creative writing and the power of play and creativity. Banciu’s experiences as an immigrant are often echoed in her characters’ journeys. Banciu grew up close to the Hungarian border in a multicultural, multilingual environment, an aspect that is reflected in the way she handles language in her fiction. Her novels deal with the geographic, psychic and linguistic migrations of woman authors in Europe during and after the Communist era.


During her presentation, Banciu examined her complex relationship with languages. As, she explained, “each one has its own, unique sounds and words that evoke special meanings and images.” She often changes the meaning of words and plays with grammar in order to capture the diversity and uniqueness of life, languages, and cultures. The novelist argued that creativity and play have liberating effects on people since they serve as healing tools. Thus instead of fearing failure and avoiding mistakes, she allows them to play out and transforms them into art.


After receiving the prestigious International Short Story award of Arnsberg, Banciu was banned from publishing her work in Romania. As a result, she decided to move to Germany. She is the author of eight books, four novels, and four collections of short stories, which have been translated into many languages.  Since 2013 she also serves as co-editor and deputy director of the multilingual e-magazine Levure Littéraire.


Adriana Alcina Gomes



photo credit:  © Marijuana Georgia Gheorghiu.