Film Studies

Film reelThe Study of Film

The Film Studies Minor is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary course of study. Its basis is an understanding of film as a unique and powerful art form with its own cinematic conventions, history, and traditions. Students receive instruction in film history, film theory and critical analysis, genre study, national and world cinemas, and cinema in relation to other arts and academic fields.

Courses listed under Group A: Core Courses, introduce students to film theory and aesthetics and survey the major phases of international film history in World, European, and Third World Cinema. Courses listed under Group B: National Cinemas, survey national cinemas in their cultural and intellectual contexts. Courses listed under Group C: Interdisciplinary Courses, treat film in relation to wider social and cultural issues, including other arts and fields.


The Film Studies Minor requires 18 credits of course work at the 3000-level. Students take six credits from Group A: Core Courses; six credits from Group B: National Cinemas; and six credits from Group C: Interdisciplinary Courses.