Simone Puleo

UConn Graduate Assistant

Born in Palermo and raised in Miami Beach, Simone Maria Puleo is a PhD Candidate in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Connecticut. His dissertation focuses on the relationship between Risorgimento Italy and the United States, treating literature as a valuable resource for the study of international relations. He has presented at various conferences, most recently at the NAVSA Supernumerary Conference in Florence and the American Literature Association Annual Conference in San Francisco. A discussion of his current work was published in Conversations: the Newsletter of the Margaret Fuller Society. He is one of the founding editors of The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal, an Open Commons@UCONN research forum in the humanities and social sciences. He is also Book Review Editor for the Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics

Contact Information
CV PuleoCV_Feb2020
Office LocationOAK 234
CoursesClassics of World Literature, Italian Cinema, Cinematic Representations of Italian-Americans, Seminar in Academic Writing