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International Radio

A listing of 5000 radio stations from Albania to Italy

Foreign Language Placement at the University of Connecticut

Students who wish to place in the first three semesters of French, German or Spanish should contact the appropriate advisor listed in the undergraduate program section of each of these languages.

For French, please go to:

For German, please go to:

For Spanish, please go to:

University Resources

Electronic Course Reserve
This site provide information on how to place journal articles and book chapters on reserve for student access through Vista

The University of Connecticut's student and faculty administration system

University File Drop Box
Use this service when you want to share large files with colleagues or students

The university supported online course management tool

Arabic Resources

Arabic Pathways
Live broadcasts, music, culture and more.

LangMedia provides resources for the study of less-commonly taught languages and for fostering awareness of regional dialects and accents among speakers of more commonly-taught languages.

National Capital Language Resource Center's Arabic Webcasts
Geared toward students at the end of their second year of study, these simplified Arabic newscasts are taken from a variety sources and include excercises to aid in comprehension.

Want to type in Arabic on any computer, save, copy and print your resulting documents? Then this free online resource is for you. Yamli is an Arabic search engine and smart Arabic keyboard. Check out the YouTube demo video in the Learn more section.

Chinese Resources

A Chinese-English and English-Chinese online dictionary that includes vocabulary lists, conversations, learning exercises and more.'s Chinese Language and Culture Site
This site has links to many language and culture sites for students of Chinese overseen by a guide who maintains the links and supplies informative articles. Your site guides and chat moderator maintains a bio online so that you can check out his/her expertise - and you can email him/her your questions or comments. You may find the pop-up advertisements more than annoying, and will have to close them out each time you go to a new link.

Chinese-English Etymological Dictionary
This web site and its associated printed dictionary present a series of zipu or "character genealogies" which show graphically the close interconnections between over 4000 characters according to theShuowen Jiezi and subsequent research by traditional etymologists.

Marjorie Chan's China Links
Professor Chan has provided the student of Chinese with annotated links to over six hundred China- and Chinese language and linguistics-related websites (and a few ftp and gopher sites).

Integrated Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards
The YellowBridge Chinese Flashcards are designed to help students memorize as many Chinese characters as possible.

Chinese Computing
Preferred Chinese input programs are Google pinyin and Sogou pinyin input, both of which can be downloaded online free.

Online Dictionary
A fun and user-friendly site that allows you to look up the character using your own handwriting. Only simplified characters.
On-line two way dictionary, translation, pinyin input, annotation, and many other tools.
A good online Chinese dictionary.
Great online dictionary with pronunciation and sentence examples.
Works on both iPhones and Android phones.

Other Learning Tools
Stroke order animation. Internet explorer is recommended to run this program. Very cool program!
Learn to write Chinese characters.
An online Chinese character learning tool with a rich set of features including animated stroke order for ALL characters, pronounciation, flashcards, radical tables, etc.
A most widely used free speech analysis software among phoneticians.
Cool and free online recording program. Need to register.
Free online recording program.
Create your own online flashcards.
Create and share dynamic conversations around documents, snapshots, diagrams and videos.

Chinese Links

Best Chinese Websites

Classics Resources

Ancient History Sourcebook
The stated goal of this site is to provide and organize texts for use in classroom situations. This site focuses on access to primary source texts for educational purposes. It also includes links to visual and aural material. Categories include Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Israel, Greece, Hellenistic World, Rome, Late Antiquity, and Christian Origins.

From Tufts University
Digital library focusing on the classical world and giving access to a huge range of textual and material resources for the study of ancient Mediterranean civilization.

French Resources's French Language Home Page
This site has a guide who maintains the links to a wealth of tools for the student of French. All site guides and chat moderators have the appropriate expertise in their subject matter — you can check out their bios online — and you can email them your questions or comments

American Association of Teachers of French
Here is the largest national association of French teachers in the world with nearly 10,000 members. This site has links to software reviews, teaching French with technology, links to French cultural services websites in the US and France, ideas on how to promote French and upcoming events.

Connecticut Chapter of the AATF
This site, hosted by Yale University and maintained by Mary Louise Ennis, contains various links to the national AATF site, to events within the New England area as well as links to pedagogy as it relates to the French language and culture.

A cultural and literary site of francophone resources. This site is in French only.

femmes ecrivains et litterature africaine francophone 
The recipient of several awards including 5 stars from site class? telefrance, this site hails from the Department of French Studies, School of European Languages at the University of Western Australia. In existence since 1995 and updated regularly, it supplies a wealth of information about women writers of Francophone African literature.

French Language Resources 
Visitors will find a very nice series of concise, annotated links organized under familiar headings. From Lauren Rosen at the University of Wisconsin; this site is worth a visit.

Le Quartier français du Village planetaire

Here in the Global Village virtual French Quarter, grouped in the various locations one might visit in a French village, are Web sites and interactive communication activities of interest to all those who love the French, France and the Francophone world. The following URL provides students and teachers alike with valuable information on how best to use this site: Cursus

Les Pages de Paris
A collection of everything regarding the City of Light. In French and English.

Quant à moi web site 
This companion Web site features grammar and vocabulary activities, listening comprehension activities, and cultural and writing activities for students using Quant à moi.

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
A collection of 10,000 links that are categorized under broad headings to make your search a bit easier. There are resources here for beginner and expert alike.

The French Tutorial
A free tutorial designed to guide you through pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. It is clear, easy to use and very nicely organized.

Venez Voir Le Sénégal
"Venez Voir Le Sénégal is an exploration of the Francophone world developed by Colby professors and technologists as a curricular resource, and made available for the internet community under a Creative Commons license. This website centers around six short video clips shot in and around Dakar, narrated in French with links to French transcriptions. You will need the free Quicktime Player installed on your machine to view the clips."

German Resources

Textbook Audio Files:

AATG (American Association of Teachers of German)

German Chat
Regularly scheduled, hosted chat sessions for German are held every day of the week except Tuesday and Friday in two chat rooms with a unique focus for each day the chat is hosted. Mondays are for beginners!

Homework Help for German
From adjectives to the subjective this area comes complete with audio files for listening practice and self-scoring tests for grammar review to name just a few of the resources available here. German Culture
More from the host of This time the focus is on culture.

Bilder und Zeugnisse der deutschen Geschichte
A virtual tour of exhibits from the German Historical Museum in Berlin that includes audio clips about and panoramic video views of objects spanning the periods from the Middle Ages until today. This site is in German.

An online virtual panorama of large construction sites in selected German cities. Come see Europe's largest construction site in the new commercial center of Berlin.

Deutsche Wörterbuch und Grammatik
A German web site that offers various interactive resources relating to the German spelling reform, inflection and word formation.

Goethe Institut
An organization devoted to the cultivation of the German language abroad and the promotion of international cultural cooperation

Virtuelle Ausstellungen des Hauses der Geschichte 
Several remarkable virtual exhibits can be found under the link "Ausstellungen". Be sure to click on the "virtuelle Ausstellungen" and you will find an award-winning site entitled, "Geteilt - Vereint. 50 Jahre deutsche Frage in Karikaturen des Hauses der Geschichte". Also of interest is the "50 Jahre deutsche Kinogeschichte in Filmplakaten des Hauses der Geschichte" exhibit.

Italian Resources's Italian Language Home Page
This site has a wealth of topics for students of Italian overseen by a guide who maintains the links and supplies informative articles. All site guides and chat moderators have the appropriate expertise in their subject matter — you can check out their bios online — and you can email them your questions or comments

Connecticut-Italy Partnership 
Resource Center for Italian Language and Culture 
Supported by the State of Connecticut Department of Education and the Education Office of the Consulate General of Italy, this center offers Italian language teachers in Connecticut collections of authentic Italian materials provided by the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE), an institution sponsored by the Consulate General for promoting Italian language and culture in the tri-state area. This site is in Italian or English and provides information about hours, holdings and announcements.


Created by Maura Garau, Director of the Italian Language Program for the UNSRC Circolo Culturale Italiano at the United Nations since 1992, and instructor of Italian language (advanced level) at the New School University-New York, this site presents 30 interactive lessons with pictures, cultural notes, activities, easy grammatical explanations, self-administered exercises and exams, 1000 audio files (wav and/or RealAudio), 3000 words used in the lessons and listed in the Glossary, more than 100 links. Although fee-based, you can try out some lessons and activities. Be sure to take a look at the following sections:

Alfabeto e Pronuncia 
A nice pronunciation site using the figure of Pinocchio and the familiar alphabet book organizer (visual reinforcement) with audio clips. Sounds are grouped into categories such as letters of the alphabet, foreign letters and combined consonants. An interesting addition is a section providing audio examples of different stresses within words and sentences, vowel/diphthong combinations, double consonants, as well as examples of dialectics and regional accents. Your computer must be able to handle .wav and real audio files.

Daily Weather of Italy: 
Weather Underground: Italy

L'Italia In Realta' Virtuale
Virtual tours of monuments and locations in Rome, Pisa and Napoli.

Maps of Italian regions:

Porto della Generale del Sole: Metropolis:

Plenty of information regarding dining, entertainment, culture, sports, etc., in the following cities, predominately in Italian:

*Nice virtual tour of one room in the Uffizi which displays two of Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings.


*You can find a very nice virtual tour of the major sites of Napoli


Hebrew Resources's Judaism site
This site has links to many language and culture sites for students of Hebrew overseen by a guide
who maintains the links and supplies informative articles. Your site guides and chat moderator maintains a bio online so that you can check out her/his expertise - and you can email her/him your questions or comments.

Hebrew Language at the University of Texas
This site provides a rich variety of resources for learners of the Hebrew language, modern as well as biblical. Best used in conjunction with the textbook on which this site is based, Modern Hebrew for Beginners (UT Press, 2000), students have access to flash cards, short sound segments, vocabulary practice and extended video clips that are thematically organized and situated in authentic settings. Sections are grouped by level of difficulty. In order to make full use of this site, you will need to download several plug-ins. Links to the plug-in sites are provided.

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook 
From the Internet History Sourcebooks site which hosts collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use. This site provides information on Jewish history, religious and intellectual life and music.

ZigZag, Inc.— The Best Jewish Games on the Web
This site has a variety of language learning games and activities which are mostly geared for school age children, such as The Hanukkah House, A Picnic with Friends and Hebrew for Me. Also available is Hebrew Keyboard Tutor (must use Internet Explorer) and a demonstration of a web-based program developed in collaboration with the Language Resource Center at the University of Michigan.

Spanish Resources's Spanish Language Home Page
This site has a guide who maintains the links to a wealth of resources for the student of Spanish. All site guides and chat moderators have the appropriate expertise in their subject matter — you can check out their bios online — and you can email them your questions or comments

Aztecs Meet the Spanish (an interdisciplinary lesson in English)

Centro Virtual Cervantes
"El lugar de referencia de la lengua española y la cultura hispanica..."

Colonel Craig's Spanish WWW links
A collection of over 100 links to other Spanish sites.

Diego Rivera Gallery
"Diego Rivera (1886-l957) Pintor muralista, fue uno de los grandes artistas del Siglo XX. NaciÛ en la ciudad de Guanajuato y en 1892 se trasladÛ a MÈxico con su familia..."

Museo del Prado

"An interactive service , which promotes free exchange of information on Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development, has begun its third phase through the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. German, French and Spanish versions will progressively follow..."

Spanish Grammar Exercises (Barbara Kuczun Nelson, Colby College)
An extensive collection of grammar exercises with feedback as well as some excellent authentic, culturally-embedded and scaffolded multimedia grammar activities.

Spanish Language Resources
Visitors will find a very nice series of concise, annotated links organized under familiar headings. From Lauren Rosen at the University of Wisconsin; this site is worth a visit.

Taller Hispano
This site provides students and teachers of Spanish with focused multimedia Internet exercises designed to identify appropriate and authentic materials and Spanish resources on the net that relate to selected cultural themes, topics, and vocabulary presented in "Destinos" and similar textbooks.

Zoot Suit Riots
From the folks at PBS, this site features an extensive array of multimedia materials that offer insight into the tragic events leading up to the Los Angeles Zoot Suit Riots of 1943. The teacher's guide allows for a variety of activities that can help students explore the history of Mexican Americans, immigration and assimilation, race relations, teenage rebellion and minority rights. In English and Spanish.