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Hebrew & Judaic Studies

The purpose of the program is to introduce students to the cultures and civilization of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present. Our course offerings cover various aspects of the Jews, from biblical times to the present. Students who would like to learn more about ancient and modern Israel, the experience of the Jews among Christians and Muslims, or even Jewish life in contemporary Europe, the Middle East, or America will find courses of interest among our offerings.

Our program is interdisciplinary and is designed to appeal to students of all backgrounds and interests. Many of our courses are either cross-listed with other departments or offered under their aegis (e.g., history, sociology, interdepartment-INTD). Our courses attract students from almost every department, program and school of the university.


Stuart S. Miller, Chair of Section
Home Section: Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Field: Judaism in the Graeco-Roman period, rabbinic literature, general Judaic Studies

Jeffrey S. Shoulson
Field: Renaissance and Early Modern Jewish Literature, Bible as Literature

Susan Einbinder
Field: Medieval Jewish Literature and Culture, Modern Hebrew Literature

Sara Johnson
Home Section: Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Field: Hellenistic Judaism

Sebastian Wogenstein
Home Section: German
German Jewish Literature

Philip Balma
Home Section: Italian
Field: Jewish Experience in Contemporary Italophone Literature and Film

Daniel Hershenzon
Spanish Section
Field: Mediterranean Studies and History, with emphasis on Jews, Christians and Muslim exchange

Anne Berthelot
French Section, also representing Medieval Studies

Nehama Aschkenasy (UConn Stamford)
Field: Comparative Literature
Modern Hebrew and Judaic Literatures

ad hoc members:
Sherry Shamash, Hebrew Instructor

Maha Darawsha, Arabic Instructor