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Langsa Logo Please click here for information about the upcoming Fifth Annual LANGSA Conference on November 7th, 2014.
Marky Jean-Pierre has obtained a position at Tulane University as a Visiting Assistant Professor.
Mikel Lorenzo-Arza has accepted a position at Villanova University, Philadelphia.
Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr., Ph.D. has accepted a position of Senior Assistant Professor of Native American Studies with a joint appointment in the College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana.
Please consider attending a special event to honor the decades of service by Dr. Gene J. Barberet. The formal invitation can be viewed here.

As we prepare for the event on June 5th, here is some good background reading: A Gift for Study Abroad, Inspired by France.
Sonia Zarco-Real has accepted a position at Augustana College of Illinois.
The University of Connecticut's CLAS Humanities Institute has awarded Ally Ladha a Faculty Fellowship for 2015-2016.
Congratulations to the two CLAS Fellowship winners for 2014: Nicole White and Mikel Arza.
The University of Connecticut's CLAS Humanities Institute has awarded doctoral candidate Lucía Santana a Dissertation Fellowship for 2014-2015.
A lecture entitled "Translating the Classics" was recently given by one of the foremost translators in the United States, Peter Constantine. View the lecture by clicking here!
Antonio Guijarro (Ph.D. May 2014, LCL-Spanish Studies) has accepted a Tenure-Track position at Worcester State University.
Christa Bucklin (Ph.D. Spanish Studies) has accepted a Tenure-Track position in Mt. St. Mary's University.
Please read about our study abroad opportunities in Parma and Elba, Italy and also in Tianjin, China.
Eda Dedebas (PhD, CLCS) has accepted a three-year postdoctoral scholar position at the University of Nevada, Reno.
Talk by Amr A. Shalakany at 4PM on Thursday, April 24 in Oak Hall 236.

Shalakany was selected in 2008 as Carnegie Scholar for his research project on the transformation of Shari’a in modern Egyptian jurisprudence, to be published in three volumes, the first of which recently appeared in Arabic from Dar Al-Shorouk as “The Rise and Fall of Egypt’s Modern Legal Elite 1805-2005.” Forthcoming publications for 2014 include a book entitled “Restless Jurists Compared: Critique and Reconstruction of Contract Law Theory in the US, France, and Egypt 1900-1942,” to appear in English from Brill for the Studies Series in the History of Private Law. Also forthcoming is an edited volume with Professor Khaled Fahmy on “New Approaches to Islamic Law History: Late Mamluk Egypt to the Present,” with a contributing chapter on “The Secular Time-Hinge in Islamic Law History,” to appear in English with Arabic translation by AUC Press and Dar Al-Shorouk. Shalakany is also recipient of several research grants for the collection, analysis and publication of landmark court decisions in contemporary Egyptian case law, particularly with relevance to post-revolution social and economic policy debates.
Peter Constantine will be giving a public talk entitled "Translating the Classics" on Tuesday April 15th from 4 to 6PM (Oak Hall 236). A reception will follow. All are invited.
Oliver Hiob (PhD, German Studies) accepted a job as a Lecturer at Tufts University.
Please join us at our annual Academic Achievement Awards reception:
Department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages,
3-4 PM,
May 3, 2013,
Oak Hall 101
UConn celebrates Primo Levi

The Connecticut Jewish Ledger features a piece on LCL/CJS and the Primo Levi series.
Generous and wonderful gift for LCL

The contribution to support UConn was made in honor of Gene J. Barberet, an influential faculty member in Elizabeth's education, and builds on the couple's passion for international studies that was fostered in those early trips.
Paving the way for using gaming in graduate education is the University of Connecticut and Professor Roger Travis' Operation LAPIS project: 18 Graduate Programs Embracing Games
Anita Virga has accepted a full-time faculty position at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Prof. Eduardo Urios-Apirisi and Prof. Manuela Wagner study how humor is used in the classroom and across cultures. Read the article at CLAS.
Prof. Katharina von Hammerstein (German Studies) received a prestigious DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Research Visit Grant to Germany for archival research on "Diverse Perspectives on German Southwest Africa around 1900.
The Jewish Ledger's Q & A with Prof. Stuart S. Miller: UConn's Judaic Studies Program Enters New Phase
The University of Connecticut's Humanities Institute has awarded Sebastian Wogenstein a fellowship for 2012/13 for his project "Prophets and Heretics: Human Rights and the German Literary Imagination".
The University of Connecticut Study Abroad Program awarded Odette Casamayor-Cisneros and Jacqueline Loss a Development Grant for their project, "Cuba in the 21st Century: People, Culture, and Health".
The University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute awarded Gustavo Nanclares, Eduardo Urios-Aparisi and Sebastian Wogenstein funding for their Fall 2012 workshop "Living Empathy: Emotions of Reconciliation and Conflict".
clas The University of Connecticut's CLAS Humanities Institute has awarded doctoral candidate Antonio Guijarro-Dioniós a Dissertation Fellowship for 2012-2013. His dissertation: “Comical Spaces: Everyday Practices in 17th Century Spanish Urban Short Plays”.
wvu Lourdes Estrada-López (Ph.D., Spanish, 2012) has accepted a tenure-track position at the West Virginia University.
hsc Alfonso Varona (Ph.D., Spanish, 2010) has accepted a tenure-track position at Hampden-Sydney College.
Renato Ventura (Ph.D., Italian, 2011) has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of Dayton.
Emily Hanink, German major and Outstanding Senior in German for 2012, has been awarded a prestigious DAAD grant for master-level studies in linguistics in Germany, prior to starting a Ph.D. in the subject.
Eurotech student Alexander Velázquez (Computer Science & Engineering/German Studies), has been named UConn's Intern of the Year. He completed his internship at the High Performance Computing Center at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, working on improving computer supported traffic simulation for the German carmaker Porsche.
Huskies en Granada: Ésta en nuestra historia de un semestre en Granada. This is our story in Granada, Spain.
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